Recording And Production Services

Jason Constantine has become one of the most in demand producers in Las Vegas. Jason has been recording bands since 1993 and has brought his old school approach to recording home to Las Vegas. Jason has worked with many of today's best Las Vegas local bands and worldwide touring artists. Jason is available to work out of any studio in the world. His rates are extremely competitive. Contact him for more information or to book him to produce and mix your next record.

To Book An Appointment:
Call: 702-582-6895
Email: constantinestudios (at)

Client List / Discography:
PP-Post Production
GT-Guitar Tracking
BT-Bass Tracking
DT-Drum Tracking
VT-Vocal Tracking
AT-Additional Tracking
(G) Grammy
(Gn) Grammy Nomination

As Jason Constantine since 2000:
Dominick Muzio - Candy At A Funeral - ToneHouse Records - All
Social Disorder - Love 2 Be Hated - AFM Records - En, GT
Count's 77 - Vehicle - Shrapnel Records - Mx, Ma
Armored Saint - Punching The Sky - Metal Blade Record - En, VT

Armored Saint - Live From Isolation (Single) - En, GT, VT
Jeff Duncan - Wanderlust - ToneHouse Records - En, P, Mx, Ma
Armored Saint - Carpe Noctum - Metal Blade Records - En, Re
Red Zone Rider (Vinnie Moore) - Magnacarta Records - En, DT, GT
Jacky Vincent - Star X Speed Story  - Shrapnel Records - CoP, En, Mx, Ma
Dario Lorina - Dario Lorina - Shrapnel Records - CoP, En, Mx, Ma
Stoney Curtis - Halo Of Dark Matter - Shrapnel Records - CoP, En, Mx, Ma
Avenger Of Blood - On Slaying Ground - Salem Rose Music - P, En, Mx, Ma
John Zito - John Zito Band - 7 Horse Records - P, En, Mx, Ma
Sicocis - Revelations End - M Theory Records - P, En, Mx, Ma
Count's 77 - Live - Shrapnel Records - Ma

Local Vegas Bands & Artists
Wicked Garden - P, En, Mx, Ma

Dirt Halo - P, En, Mx, Ma
TomiRae Brown / God Mother Of Soul - CoP, En, 
Addiction Switch - P, En, Mx, Ma
Dirty Pairadice - En, DT, Mx, Ma
21 Strong - P, En, Mx, Ma
Babilos - P, En, Mx, Ma
Big Daddy Joe - P, En, Mx, Ma
biPolar - P, En, Mx, Ma
Ill Patientz - P, En, Mx, Ma
The Roxy Gunn Project - P, En, Mx, Ma
Substance - P, En, Mx, Ma
Tales Of The Grotesque - P, En, Mx, Ma
Cyanide - P, En, Mx, Ma
Utopian Riot - P, En, Mx, Ma
Vile Child - P, En, Mx, Ma
Gorillahead - P, En, Mx, Ma
Veridian - P, En, Mx, Ma
Hyperions Horizon - P, En, Mx, Ma
DiM - P, En,
Mahal - P, En, DT, BT, Mx, Ma

As Jason Cohen (Real Name) Since 1995:
Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor - En (Gr)
House Engineer Bad Boy Records - 1996 to 1999 - En (Gn x3) (Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Craig Mac, and more)
Linkin Park / Jay Z - Collision Course - En, Pr (Gr)


"The record sounds great! Ad-Astra is my favorite track! The mix is great, and the bass tone is awesome!" - Juan Croucier - Ratt (Talking about Jeff Duncans - Wanderlust)

"Thanks for all your help on the record, and I appreciate you letting me use your "geetars". Rock On!" Vinnie Moore - Solo Artist, UFO, Alice Cooper

"Red Zone Rider sounds like they could easily have been recording in London in 1972 with Eddie Kramer at the board." - Melodic

“Jason’s passion, excitement and readiness to create is undeniable and I’m very proud of our work together.”Dario Lorina – Solo Artist, Black Label Society

“Jason has produced and mixed some of the best sounding records my label has ever put out.”Mike Varney – Owner Shrapnel / Magna Carta Records

“Jason makes recording fun and less stressful. We had a great time making my record and would work with him again. “Jacky Vincent – Solo Artist, Falling In Reverse, Cry Venom

“Jason’s mixes sounds so wide, deep and rich”Danny “The Count” Koker – Counts 77, Owner Desert Moon Productions

"He sprinkles wizard dust on everything" - Rob Hussey - Cyanide

“Every time I walk into Jason’s studio, I go in knowing I’ll get what I need, whether he’s working his magic behind the console, or providing blistering improv work behind a guitar; man is an all-around pro.”Travis Perry – Guitarist D.I.M

Jason Constantine is an a amazing engineer and producer! I definitely recommend this studio awesome gear and a killer live room - Dylan Dice - Dirty Pairadice

I’m so proud to have Skylark of The Doobie Brothers and Jason Constantine producing this record with us.Tomirae Brown – God Mother Of Soul

You are amazing, man! Couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU!!!Roxy Gunn – The Roxy Gunn Project

It was awesome to hear All the Same on the radio… I’ve been waiting for that one for a while :) Thanks to Jason Constantine for helping us get this done on such short notice, it sounds incredible!Jon Mills – The Roxy Gunn Project

Just got done listening to the entire Sicocis disc.. From Top to Bottom.. the disc kills. Outstanding production! INTENSE EPIC WIN!Pete Pachio – Guitarist Shred Guy Records

The Offering is my favorite track showcasing the songwriting, vocals and maintaining brutal badassness. Bringing back the days before ADD with most songs 6+ minutes (minus Psychosis which is just sounds that should be in Resident Evil games) and with its quality production (Jason Constantine)JoshFigg – Figgzilla Music (about Sicocis – Revelations End CD)

Just getting some mixes back from Jason Constantine and they are sounding insanely awesome!Mahal – Band

My EP came out GREAT, it doesn’t even sound like my band, it sounds BETTER!Big Daddy Joe – Band

Great quality recordings at a fair price so hit em upJonathan Strickler – Guitar – Vile Child

Your recordings are awesome! – Miles LanhamMynus – Band

A special Thank You to Jason Constantine for recording our Demo. Jason’s engineering expertise was over the top in pursuit of perfection.Wild West Guns – Band

Your one of the most honest, upfront, NO BS or NO drama people I have ever known in my life. Your dependable, you get shit done, you do what you say your gonna do (and do it right), your word means something, and you follow thru on EVERYTHING you say your gonna do, and deliver on it in EVERY way 100%. Your knowledgeable in everything there is to know. You help everyone out, without asking for a thing back. Isn’t that the qualities we all look for in a friend, in a work/professional capacity? I’m am lucky and blessed to know you and be friends with you. I love your honesty and no bs/drama, and wouldn’t trade your friendship for anything in this world. I’m lucky to have you as a friend, as a photographer. Cathy Alberts – Model