Jason is an extremely versatile and gifted player. From Blues and Funk, to Rock and Metal Jason has a commanding presence on the instrument. Below you will find Audio and Video samples of his extremely diverse playing:

Jason's solo material: Written, arranged and recorded by Jason Constantine:

Jason with the Sarah Hughes Band: Jason arranged, recorded, produced, and played all the instruments on the following tracks:

co/wrote with Sarah Hughes

Guitars and Solos on the debut CD from Tomorrows Hand:

Guest Solo on the latest Avenger Of Blood EP:

Jason and Franks Perez's Scorching Rendition of a Zepplin Classic

With Franky Perez - Sober by Tool

With Oz Fox of Stryper, TomiRae Brown, JP Michaels, and Shane Knight

:Jamming with my buddy Danny THE COUNT Koker:

:Same night angle #2 jamming with Danny THE COUNT Koker:

:With Outta the Black - Our tribute To Dime Bag:

:Jason Performing with Mr. Tinkertrain in Las Vegas:

:Outta The Black Live w/Special guest Kelly Garni (Quiet Riot):

Rocking Out with Jamie St James of Black and Blue at KISS NIGHT Las Vegas:

:Kiss Night Charity Event for the Imagine Foundation:

:Run To The Hills with Rob Hussey In Las Vegas:

Jamming Some Stevie Wonder

:Jason playing the HI-String Guitars Jr Les Paul at NAMM 2012:

:Random Jam on my Favorite Les Paul

:We're Stars from the Backstage Metal Tribute to Dio: