Jason Constantine

“Viaggio Della Vita” – The Journey Of Life

I found out on Christmas Morning that my Grandmother had passed away. She was 91′ years old and was always extremely supportive of my music. No matter what even if it was screaming heavy metal she was able to find the beauty in it. I remember when I was 18 years old. I had just graduated from High School and the band had just got picked up for a distribution deal. We were getting ready to go out on tour when a bunch of my gear was stolen. I didn’t know what to do, Grandma came to the rescue. She sat me down at the kitchen table in my mothers house and handed me $2000. Her only words to me were “Don’t tell your mother or your Grandafather”, I never told anyone till this day…..

She was an amazingly selfless woman always taking care of us when my mother was working, and always taking care of my Grandfather even when he was really sick. She worked tirelessly, and I think its where my work ethic comes from. “Ill relax when I am dead” she would always say. I wasn’t the greatest kid growing up, but she was always there to help me with anything I ever needed. Even money to buy equipment that was stolen. I bought my first Marshall with that money, went on tour and had a great time.

I spent all of last night and this morning re-working a song I wrote for my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary. It only seems fitting that since she passed on my Grandafathers Birthday and that they are now back together in one anothers arms that this song gets the proper treatment it deserves.  Originally this song was an acoustic piece entitled “Viaggio” – The Journey, since everything has now come full circle I have re-arranged the piece to be an ensemble composition. The new piece “Viaggio Della Vita” – The Journey Of Life, is my dedication to the most amazing woman I have ever known in my life…..