Jason Constantine

One of the most humbling experiences of my life ……

A few days ago I was contacted by a friend to do an interview for a local magazine. I figure why not, some free promo never hurt. When I got to the interview we started talking about the magazine and what they do.

For those of you that don’t know Circles Magazine is a local magazine made by mentally challenged and physically challenged residents in the Las Vegas Area. I was contacted to talk with the staff about my musical journey through the years, music production, my photography and my career in the music business.

I spent my time today playing selections from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Steve Vai for the staff, as well as some of my own compositions. It was a great experience, and PROOF that if you put your mind to it anything can happen! These individuals are HEROES in my book, overcoming the physical and mental disabilities to work together to create an AMAZING magazine that is informative and a great read! Not only that, they help one another adjust to working society, they have a full production wood shop, AV Facility and more…. It was TRULY humbling for them to ask me to be a part of this and to be in the magazine!

I am sure I will return there in the future to play for them again! THANK YOU to Michelle Wasson and the entire staff at Circles Magazine for this Opportunity!

This was an HONOR today getting to play for everyone at Circles Magazine and TSI! What a great time we had! Check them out and subscribe to their awesome magazine! http://circlesmagazinelasvegas.com/online/