Jason Constantine


Jason Constantine – Guitarist – Songwriter – Producer – Mixing Engineer

Jason C. is a 25 year veteran of the music business. Jason has worked with such notable artists as Franky Perez (Apocalyptica, Scars On Broadway, Sons Of Anarchy) Dario Lorina (Lizzy Borden, Black Label Society) Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob) Scot Coogan (Lynch Mob, Brides Of Destruction, Ace Frehley), Vinnie Moore (Solo Artist, UFO), and many more as a producer, engineer, and guitarist.

In 2012 Jason began working more as a producer and mixing engineer. He has recently worked on releases from Shrapnel Records, Magna Carta records and Nuclear Blast Records. If you are interested in Jason’s production and mixing services please Click Here for a full discography and references.

Jason is currently in pre-production with his new band Electric Messiah Missing Persons, and Rubicon, for a full length studio album. They expect to hit the studio in February and have the new record ready for release by late Spring, or early summer 2015. For more information please see our blog, or visit the official Electric Messiah website at http://www.electric-messiah.com

Jason Endorses:
ESP / LTD Guitars
Randall Amplifiers
Spectraflex Cables
Steve Clayton Accessories
Jim Dunlop / MXR
Ernie Ball Strings
Seymour Duncan Pickups