Jason Constantine

Jason Constantine to host Jam night in Las Vegas Casino!

This just in.. Announcing the newest Jam Night in Las Vegas! Hosted by Jason Constantine, Danny Robert, and Merry Adin starting in February!

Club Fortune Casino brings Jason and his friends, Thursday nights 7pm to 10pm in the Fortune Lounge at Club Fortune Casino! Jason and his friends will be playing a variety of Blues, Rock, Country and Dance tunes from the 50s through today! Jason was chosen by the entertainment director Kathleen Wolfe for his diversity and ability to connect with the audience. Kathleen says “We’re very excited to have these 3 multi talented musicians join us Thursday nights for jam night in February! They’re amped up musicianship and pure professionalism will make any amateur feel like a true Rock star!”

The talent in this band Jason has put together is some of the be best in Las Vegas. Danny Robert is a long time member of the L.A. Rock Scene, and the Television and Film Industry. He has worked with Bluff Control, and more recently became the drummer for The John Zito Band. Merry Adin has been a long time member of the Las Vegas music scene, playing in a variety of shows up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Her cover band Brazen won the 2012 Vegas Rocks Magazine award for Best Local Live Entertainment. “I will be bringing my original brand of humor to the show as well says Jason, “this isn’t just about rock music and us showing off. It’s about having a great time and having fun with our fans and friends. Now is your chance to be a rock star right inside the casino. Having the ability to jam with top notch musicians may even give someone the drive to get out there and play music! This is going to be a blast!”

Jason and his friends will be in the Club Fortune Casino Lounge every Thursday Night from 7pm to 10pm. Bring an instrument and join in on the fun!

Club Fortune Casino is located at:
725 South Racetrack Road Henderson, NV 89015