Jason Constantine

Jason Constantine – Krank Amplification Artist

Jason Constantine is now a proud member of the Krank Amps Family

Jason Constantine is now a proud member of the Krank Amps Family

Jason Constantine is proud to announce a new partnership with Krank Amplification. Jason is now playing the Krank Nineteen80 80 Watt head. Jason initially found out about this amp at NAMM 2012 and was pretty convinced he wanted one but did some research about the company and how they do business. “I am the type to not just endorse anything” says Jason. “Companies throw gear at me all the time to try out, use, and play but I only keep a fraction of it cause most of it is not usable for me. The deal with Krank was started by a mutual friend of myself and Chris Catero from Krank Amps. Chris is a great guy and really sat with me to talk over every aspect of the amps and really find the one that would suit what I needed. I have had a Krankenstein for a while and its a great amp but it has its drawbacks, there is nothing wrong with the amp and it sounds amazing but I really feel the Nineteen80 is a better fit for my playing style.”

Jason also says:
“As for Jet City Amplification I am not leaving them as neither deal is exclusive. The Jet City 20 is a great amp that I will be taking to me with the shows with Hot Rod Deville. Its definitely more suited for lower gain applications and I love how fat the clean channel is. I want to thank Doug White for everythig he has done for me, Jet City has been a great company to work with, and I look forward to working with them more in the future.”

You can see Jason and his new Krank Nineteen80 amp starting in March of 2013.