Jason Constantine

Booking & Gear List

Jason is available for studio or live work.


Jason can play varying styles including Rock, Blues, Country & Pop / Top 40 and Metal. On occasion he may available on as little as 24 hours notice for a small additional fee. He has actually done shows with as little as 90 minutes prior notice, but would like to try and avoid this situation if at all possible 🙂

To book Jason please send an email to constantinestudios @ gmail.com with the following information:

Band Name:
Date Of Show:
Time Of Show:
Location Of Show:
Load In Time:
Set List:
Payment Information:

Jason will contact you within 2 hours to set up a phone conversation to discuss the gig.


You get a professional, highest-quality guitar tracks starting at $100 (per song). The price for your particular project will be determined after reviewing your song(s), before starting the recording process. I offer bulk rates if you have more than one song or a whole album. I will include two revisions for free if you want anything changed. To receive an estimate, please send your song to the following email address:

constantinestudios @ gmail.com

Please give me some information about the song and the type of sound you are looking for, its best to give examples of the type of guitar tones you are looking for (ie: Metallica, Stevie Ray, Eddie Van Halen etc). You may also attach charts and/or lead sheets. Please tell me your deadlines, and any further information you feel is relevant to the project. Please tell me whether it’s going to be a CD or a DVD recording, so I can record the song in the right sampling rate. Also, please tell me whether you prefer AIF or WAV files.

Within 2 days you will get a response with detailed information about the project and the final rate, estimated time for production, my ideas about the guitar sounds, and or production ideas. It’s also possible to discuss details over the phone, either via Skype or by “regular” phone. If it is urgent, please call me at 702-582-6895

You are ordering your guitar tracks without any risk! After I have finished the recording, you will receive a rough mix of the song including the guitar tracks as an mp3 file at that point you may approve the tracks or make changes. If you like the track, I will send you payment information, and you get the track immediately after your payment in full resolution (AIF or WAV / 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz / 24bit), either via FTP, Yousendit.com or on a CD-R by mail. You can place your payment via credit card by phone or pay through PayPal.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Below you will see a list of Jason’s gear. Jason has optimized his gear for tonal versatility, and will always bring the proper sound to your project.

Gear (Updated Nov 2014)
2014 – ESP / LTD EC-1000 Black
2014 – ESP / LTD EC-330 FM Purple Burst
2014 – ESP / LTD EC250-MGO Gold Top
2012 – ESP / LTD MH-350

Seymour Duncan JB
Seymour Duncan Jazz
Seymour Duncan 59′
Seymour Duncan SL-52 Custom Shop

1994 – Peavey 5150
2013 – Krank Nineteen80
2013 – Marshsall JCM 800
2016 – KSR Ares 50
(other amps are available at at additional rental fee, Vox AC15/30, Marshall Plexi, Fender Deluxe, Fender Bassman)

1971 – Marshall 4×12 (Celestion 25 Watt Greenbacks)
1986 – Marshall JCM800 4×12 (Celestion 75’s)
1992 – Mesa Boogie 4×12 (Celestion Vintage 30’s)
2013 – Krank 1×12 (Eminence Legend V)
2013 Krank 1×2 (Eminence Texas Heat)
2016 – KSR 2×12 (Celestion A Type and V Type)

Dunlop Crybaby Classic
Dunlop Rotovibe
MXR Phase 90
T.C. Electronic Flashback X4
T.C. Electronic Flashback Mini
T.C. Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb

Jason Uses The Following Products Exclusively
Picks & Accessories:
Sinister Guitar Picks
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 10-46

Guitar & Rig Cables
Spectraflex Cables

Seymour Duncan