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Jason Constantine featured in this months Sin City Presents Magazine

Check out Jason’s Sin City Shredder feature in this months Sin City Presents Magazine.


Jason Constantine Interview On Mondays With Muscat

Jason was interviewed on the debut episode of the new “Mondays With Muscat” hosted by Brent Muscat formerly of Faster Pussycat. Jason talks about his new single Poison In The Well, as well as the Vegas music scene. You can check it out at the link below. Also on the show was Eric Stacey of Faster Pussycat and Jetboy.


Lyric Video for “Poison In The Well (feat. Brendan Shane)”

Check out Jason’s latest single here.

Avenger Of Blood – Record Review (Recorded, mixed mastered and played on by Jason)

Avenger of Blood’s new record which i had the pleasure of helping to record, mix ,produce and play solos on! Thanks Shannon! It was a great time and everyone’s playing on it was killer!!!!


Music Placement

Its officially official! Jason has been working the past few months with Marten Andersson of Lizzy Borden (Lynch Mob, Legacy, Starwood) (http://www.marten.cc) on some new material. They have been working hard on music for television and film.  Jason says “Its been a lot of fun forcing ourselves to write in different genres and styles. Its been a great experience and Marten is such an amazing guy to work with and friend! Check it out!”

You can contact info@snakecitymusic.com if you are interested in checking this out and using some of our amazing music

Jason Constantines Another Day Single Now Available For Purchase!

Jason Constantines first single from his upcoming EP is now available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all major online music retailers. You can find the song for purchase at the links below.




Google Play:

Jason releases first single from his upcoming EP

Jason Constantine has released the first single from his upcoming instrumental guitar EP. The single entitled “Another Day” mixes various influences into an almost world music sound, with embedded rock guitar melodies. You can hear the track below.

Jason and Johnny Roxx join forces in Roxx Constantine!

The first single from Jason’s new project with Johnny Roxx is now available for purchase.

Guitarmageddon harkens back to the days of 80s guitar wizardry. This instruments tour de force has some of the best playing Jason has done in years.

Pick up your copy today on


Google Play


Jason joins forces with Randall Amplifiers!

Jason would like to announce his new partnership with Randall Amplifiers. Jason has partnered with Randall Amplifiers and will be playing their 120 watt Thrasher Heads. Jason received his first amp yesterday, and had this to say:

“In 25 years playing guitar. I have never gotten so many compliments on my tone then I did last night. I was so disapointed when I thought my new amp wasnt going to make it in time for last nights show. The stars aligned and yesterday at 2pm there was a knock on the door. It was my new Randall Amplifiers Thrasher!!! I was in the middle of mixing a record and didn’t really have a lot of time to play with the amp or settings before last nights show. So I took it on faith that the amp would carry me through with no hassles. 

We hit sound check at 8:00pm and I had about 15 minutes to reconfigure my pedal board, get the loop levels worked out, and find a tone. It couldn’t have been easier. 4 cables, a few pedals, and 2 footswitches (a double for channel switching and boost, and a single to turn the FX loop on and off) and I was ready to go.The amp sounded AMAZING and for the first time in 25 years I really felt I was one with my tone.

We hit the stage at 10pm and the amp just roared the entire night. channel changes were so simple, I no longer have to press 10 switches to turn FX on and off. Just preset my loop with the FX needed for that song, and one button press to turn them on and off. Channel switching and everything was a breeze. I nailed every cue in every song, and I just felt like a god! Also to my surprise, something I totally forgot that Mike Fortin designed into the amp. FX Loop Spill Over! For those of you not familiar with this concept, in a normal amp, the FX Loop is either on or off. So if you turn it off things like delay trails get cut off. Not with the Thrasher! The FX Loop allows the delay trails to spill over and allow you to use it to your advantage on transitions.

I am so satisfied with this amp. I am overwhelmed by the love and support Randall has given me. So once again a HUGE shout out to my Randall Family and to Paul De MaioJoe Delaney, Mike Fortin, and Jason Frankhouser for having the balls to support us little guys, as well as the big guys! To be among artists like Allan MarcusOla EnglundLasse Lammert,Per NilssonFredrik ThordendalScott IanGeorge LynchKirk Hammett, andNuno Bettencourt, as well as the other Randall artists is a dream come true! I could never imagine playing another amplifier as long as I live! “

Thank You!
Jason Constantine
Electric Messiah


Jason joins the ESP Guitars Family

Over the past 5 years I have been looking around for guitars that would give me the playability, tone and stylings that I wanted in one complete package. I have tried every brand of guitar in the last 25 years, all the big names, some small custom names as well but one company had always stuck out to me as having everything I could ever need in a guitar. ESP Guitars!

ESP has been making guitars for some of my biggest influences for the last 25 years. So it was only logical for me to end up here. Its pretty exciting to be among artists such as George Lynch, Michael Wilton, Alex Skolnick, Andy James, and Metallica.

I will be playing the ESP LTD EC-1000 and EC-256 model guitars.

I want to thank everyone at ESP / LTD for this opportunity, and to Marten Andderson of Lizzy Borden / George Lynch for getting me in contact with the guys over there. I couldn’t be happier 🙂