Jason Constantine

Jason Announces His New Band Electric Messiah, and Announces his Departure from the Headhunters

2013 was an amazing year for Jason Constantine. Jason played some of the largest venues in Las Vegas and on the west coast along with his bands. 2014 promises to be even better! Jason has a new band called Electric Messiah.


Electric Messiah is a hard hitting progressive hard rock band with a solid foundation of “the groove” as Jason likes to call it. The project came together in late 2013 along with David Reed Watson (Rage Of Angels, DNA) J.P. Michaels (Cross Fire, Rubicon, Vinyl Tatoo) and Michael Maysonet (Raider Head, Dale Bozzios Missing Persons). Jason and J.P. had shared the stage many times with their other bands and decided to start working together on some original material. Michael was playing with J.P. and joined the band, along with David.

“I describe this band as a big mixing pot of influences” – says Jason. “We are all influenced by late 70s hard rock and metal, but beyond that there are bands like Kings X, Primus, Tool, Dream Theater, and Rush, which are more on the progressive side of things and those influences pop their head up as well.”

You can find out more about Electric Messiah by visiting their official website http://www.electric-messiah.com

In other news Jason has announced his departure from The Headhunters, the band he has been paying guitar in along with Franky Perez, Kyle Kierderling, and Corky Gainsford of Otherwise. “My new original band Electric Messiah was begging to take a lot of my time up” – states Jason “I want to thank Franky Perez, Kyle and Corky for allowing me to share the stage with them in 2013, and I wish them all amazing success in the rest of their careers. There was no drama or anything like that, I just did not have enough time to commit to both bands.”