Jason Constantine

Bluff Controls JC and Jason Constantine Now Endorsing Jet City Amplification

Jason and JC from Bluff Control are now using Jet City Amplification exclusively!

Jason says: I got my first JCA20H about six months ago and fell in love with it! This single channel head is really versatile. I was worried at first that it woldn’t be loud enough but let me tell you this thing is a little beast. Its more then loud enough to cut through the most dense mix. From classic rock to heavy metal the Jet City JCA20H can do it all!

JC says: I came from the digital modeling world using 75 watt combos that were pretty cool. The minute I plugged into the JCA20H it opened my eyes to how powerful and full a guitar should sound. The Jet City JCA20H is my go to amp for all of my needs!