Jason Constantine

NAMM Video Demo! HiStrung Jr. Paul!

Jason Constantine jamming on a HiStrung Jr. Paul! This guitar was designed and built by Frank Pine! They have an awesome finish and they play amazingly well for such a small instrument!

Such a cool guitar check them out at http://www.histrungguitars.com

NAMM 2012 – News and Updates

So NAMM 2012 is over and I just got back home. It was a GREAT show where I got hooked up with a few new companies. For starters I got to sit and have a chat with Legendary pickup designer and amazing guitarist Seymour Duncan, and we got to talk about pickup designs. He hooked me up with his custom shop manager MJ. We are in talks to get a new pickup built and wound for me. Thats a awesome thing as I have been trying to find a particular balance between tight and full bodied for a long time. We threw around a few ideas based off of their JB and Custom 5 Models. I will keep you all posted on what happens.

I also spoke with Brian Goergen from BFG Amplification out of Salem Oregon. He mods amps and he modded a Jet City 100 that made it sound KILLER! I am planning on getting the same mod done to my JCA20, you can Check out Brian and BFG Amplification on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/briango2000?feature=watch

As for the studio we got the hook up for some new gear from EBS Bass Systems from Sweden, they are making some killer sounding bass rigs right now and I am really loving them. Also CAD Microphones stepped up to the plate and offered us Artist Pricing on their full line of mics and equipment.

Finally I have to mention Reggie Young, hes a young bass player that I met al the Ibanez Booth on Saturday night nd we had an impromptu jam that ran for 20 minutes. It was AWESOME! He really is a KILLER bass player, check him out on YouTube and Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reggie-Young/209001942473232 http://www.youtube.com/user/ReggieYoungMusic


After the jam with Reggie Young

After the jam with Reggie Young



February Show Dates

Friday February 3rd – Shredfest with Carol-Lynne and Some Guys – Vampd – Las Vegas NV
Saturday February 4th – Outta The BlackĀ  – Vampd – Las Vegas NV
Saturday February 11th – TBA – Planet Hollywood – Las Vegas Nevada

January Show Dates

January 6th – Las Vegas R&R Cantina w/ Outta The Black – My B-Day Bash
January 7th – Club Fortune Casino w/ Bluff Control – More drunken debauchery
January 18 – 22nd – Various NAMM Jams in Anaheim
January 28th – Club Fortune Casino w/ Bluff Control